Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom

Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Charleston's Belle's Guide To Finding Apparel Week 3

Charleston's Belle Guide To Finding Apparel

We are very proud of our designers at the Charleston Premier Shopping Mall. All are such a great pleasure to have with us. Today concludes our guide for our Charleston's Belle Contestants. Please if you have not already done so check out all these awesome designers. 

Today we spot light 2 more designers here in our mall. 

Marianela's Art in Fashion & Belladonna Couture

Marianela's Art in Fashion 

1. Marianela's Art in Fashion ~ Casual ~ Derby 07
2. Marianela's Art in Fashion ~ Formal ~ Fiori by Zampedroni
3. Marianela's Art in Fashion ~ Formal ~ Marianela's Antique Rose 

Belladonna Couture 

1. Belladonna Couture ~ Casual ~ Mesh Sunrise Cocktail Dress
2. Belladonna Couture ~ Casual ~ Capri Blue Honey Comb
3. Belladonna Couture ~ Casual ~ Mesh Water Color Dress

Other Featured Shops at Charleston Premier Mall





 Thanks to All the Designers at Charleston Premier Mall !