Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom

Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom
Midnight Romance

Friday, November 9, 2012

In her own words........

Marianela Beaumont of Marianela's Art in Fashion

Marianela's Designs will be in Saturday's Fashion Show

I spent my first  days in sl  happily dressed with freebies. A pair of comfy jeans, a shirt , a gown to dance... I didn't care until I found Simone's Store. I loved  those dresses!!!!
 I opened an account and bought  my first one;the Gown was gorgeous ,and from that  very moment my only wish was to be able to create that beauty.
 She never knew, but her wonderful work inspired me.
The challenge was the technical part. It was hard. I had  to read many tutorials about prim movements.. . so I could add grace and creativity of my own.
And then, that  day arrived; I  created my own gown.
 I called my  first  one  Moulin Rouge, the name was more ambitious than the turned out  dress, anyway  I went on...  always trying to improve.
 Marianela’s Art in Fashion ....had been born.
I had found a passion, and this passion would kept me here  for years….

Designers speak!

Zuri Rayna is a fantastic designer/builder in SL. "I graduated CIF&D (Career Institure of Fashion Design) as a certified Master Jeweler here in secondlife in 2008 and have my main shop on Ocean Key Sim, my home for many years."
I enjoy my funny little meeroos who don't demand alot of time, in what spare time I have, and make myself take a few hours a week to go dancing  just to get away from the insanity.
I love to help make the ladies look and feel elegant with pretty jewels for every day or special days like their wedding. If you ever need a design I already have in my shop customized, please drop me a notecard.


Dont miss the beautiful designs of jewelry by Zuri on Saturday at the fashion show!