Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom

Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom
Midnight Romance

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Secret Love Affair..........

Well there seemed no time like the present to confess in light of the upcoming fashion show...
Most of you know that I have a passion for shoes, my not so little secret love affair.

SL mimics RL in this case and I brought my little habit with me!  Hello my name is Karen and I am a shoeaholic!

In light of that and the upcoming show featuring Diana Debevec High Society Shoes I had to show you me new "favorite pair"!

I fell in love with them the second Diana showed them to me.  They were recently released and it was definitively love at first sight.  I loved the texture, I loved the color, I loved simply every single thing about them.

I loved them so much as soon as I had a pair in my clutches I rushed away and had to put them on and admire them. 
Channel Pumps Snake Blue
Then I was in despair.  Where was my perfect outfit?  What will I wear them with?  I cant hide these magnificent shoes!
Then I had the answer, I will simply have to design something to wear with these beauties!
And I did
Here is a sneak preview of my soon to be released dress naturally named in honor of these wonderful shoes and their designer.
Here is the soon to be released Diana in snakeskin blue!
Hugs to you Diana !
Diana Snakeskin Blue~Tresor Couture


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Charleston's Belle Guide To Finding Apparel

Following the Trend From Last Week

Guide to Finding Apparel for Charleston's Belle

Here it is another week and time to spotlight 3 more of our awesome designers here at the Charleston Premier Mall. Remember this is only to give our contestants an idea of what we have available to them.

So Enjoy


Styles By Danielle, Sascha, & Pink Pearl Designs

Styles By Danielle

1. Styles By Danielle Swimsuit ~ Verona Azure
2. Styles By Danielle ~  Collana Blue
3. Coly Top Black Suzanne White

Sascha Designs

1. Sascha's Designs ~ Formal Wear ~ Mystica Red
2. Sascha's Designs ~ Formal Wear ~ Elizabeth Cream
3. Sascha's Designs ~ Casual ~ Potourri Black

Pink Pearl Designs 

1. Pink Pearl Designs ~ Swimsuit ~  Hawaiian 
2. Pink Pearls Designs ~ Casual ~ Capri Candice Mint
3. Pink Pearl Designs ~ Formal ~ Scarlet Lace Gown 

Be sure to check out all the awesome designers they all have so much to offer !! Good Luck All !!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Charleston's Belle Guide To Finding Apparel

Charleston's Belle Guide To Finding Apparel

We are spotlighting our designers at the Charleston Lace Premier Shopping Mall in hopes to help our contestants know what is available. We will start with a list of our designers and also show some of their designs.

1. Tresor Couture 2. Cleo Couture 3. Augusta Creations 4. Pink Pearl Designs 

5. Designs By Danielle 6. Always Eclectic Fine Jewelry 

7. Marianela's Art In Fashion  8. Sascha's Designs 9. Belladonna Couture 

10. Diana Debevec's High Society Shoes 11. Chop Zuey 12. Elai Star 

13. Southern Style Modeling Agency 14. The Romano Collection Men's Clothing 

Also Included Our Boutiques 

1. Lingerie Boutique 

2. Pangea Rentals 

This is the list of our designers ! 

Location :

Today's Spotlight 

Tresor Couture, Augusta Creations & Cleo Culture

Tresor Couture

1. Tresor Couture Swim Wear Nora Monokini
2. Tresor Couture Casual  Jane
3. Tresor Couture Formal Mocha Ballgown

Augusta Creations 

1. Augusta Creations Formal Coral 
2. Augusta Creations Lady Hawk 
3. Augusta Creations Pretty Woman Black / White
4. Augusta Creations Shelly Turquoise

Cleo Couture 

1. Cleo Couture Swimwear  1955 Glamour Swim / Gown 
2. Cleo Couture Casual Vintage Florida Postcard Dress
3. Cleo Couture Formal City Nights Gown


New Gift for our ladies at the Grand Ballroom!

There is a new gift for the members of the ballroom! Hurry over ladies! Just in time for the weekend!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Charleston's Belle

Charleston Enterprise's
Charleston's Belle Pageant 

Charleston Enterprises is searching for Charleston's Belle.

A Charleston Belle radiates style and poise. She is refined and full of elegance. Her presence lights up a room.

Beginning September 16th 2013 ~ October 16

Please stop by the Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom for more detailed information !
Mail Box Landmark

Charleston Welcomes our newest designer!

We are so pleased and happy to have Always Eclectic Fine Jewelry on Charleston Belle!

Come shop and see these beautiful sets and more!

Friday, September 13, 2013

"Walk In My Shoes Fashion Show" Starring Diana Debevec High Society Shoes

Charleston Enterprises & Southern Style Modeling Agency 

Proud to Present 
" Walk In My Shoes" Fashion Show 
Diana Debevec High Society Shoes
September 28th @ 1pm SLT
Charleston Lace Romance 
Join us !!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Guidelines for applicants to Charleston's Belle

Charleston Enterprises is searching for Charleston's Belle.

A Charleston Belle radiates style and poise. She is refined and full of elegance. Her presence lights up a room.
Beginning September 16th 2013 ~ October 16
Please submit a notecard with a headshot and a full length photo.
Please wear something you purchased at Charleston (in the past or something you just purchased) at any of the stores of our esteemed designers.  Also include the store and product name of what you used in the notecard.
Please then put your entry in the mailbox box at the Welcome to Charleston sign.

Judges will then select 20 semi finalists and they will be announced on November 1st 2013.

Semi Final will be held on November 9th at 1PM at the Dock Street Theatre. Three categories on the runway, Casual, Swimsuit, and Formal.
Judges will then select the 10 finalists.

November 16th 1PM will be finals, again three categories, Casual, Swimsuit, and Formal.

The judges will then pick the the top five, and announce the  winner, runner up, and third place.
Charleston's Belle~20000L
Runner up~10000L
Third place~5000L

Various prizes will be awarded from the designers at Charleston in addition to the linden awards.

***Must be at least 365 days in SL******

*Employees of Charleston Enterprises or partners are ineligible to apply.

**If for any reason the newly appointed Charleston's Belle can not uphold her position, the runner up will take her place.

New Pageant to be held

Re : Miss Charleston Belle 2013  contest.
 To All Contestants,

 This is to inform everyone concerned, that without going into detail it has been found that unfair practices were done during the pageant, and have therefore taken the decision to revoke the title and redo the entire ceremony. All prizes already given to the winners will NOT repeat  NOT be taken away from them, except of course the title Miss Charleston Belle 2013
          All contestants who entered  for the above competition are eligible to re-enter of course.
          We regret having to make this decision, and trust that all concerned will appreciate the reason for it.

 Details as to condition will remain the same, i.e. a short list of semi finalist will be selected from all applications, by a panel of judges,  those selected will be judged by a panel of independent judges to make a final choice of contestants.
 The finals will then be held within 7 days from the date of the semi finals, at The Dock Street Theatre on Charleston Belle.
Jo and Karen Renierd
Owners of Charleston Enterprises