Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom

Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom
Midnight Romance

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wednesday promises fun!

Just a few great happenings today!

6-8PM one of our newest DJs is at romance! Dont miss out she may be newer to Charleston but not to djing and she is GREAT

Dj Wanda Muggins at 6PM

Dont Forget to hit the beach with Dj Rob Carousel at 8PM for some great rock music and there is always contest fun!

We have live performers at 3PM and 7PM today!

We welcome to the Charleston Lace stage today at 3PM the amazing Phil Setner

And 7PM SL sexy ScarlettRose Damour starts the beach off right!

Spotlight on Events

Well its Tuesday again for the all Beach Lovers and that means Surf's up with Dj Griffin! 8-10PM SL

He has a great night planned for you with a fantastic contest!

Tonight its 2000L on the board, and he wants you to walk like an Egytpian lol

Walk, talk, dance, dress, whatever it takes to get in theme for the party tonight that is Egyptian themed!

Can't wait to see everyone there!

The Beach and Dj Griff are ready to go!

Not to be outdone Scarlett will start singing at 7PM to get the party started!