Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom

Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Charleston's Belle Guide To Finding Apparel

Charleston's Belle Guide To Finding Apparel

We are spotlighting our designers at the Charleston Lace Premier Shopping Mall in hopes to help our contestants know what is available. We will start with a list of our designers and also show some of their designs.

1. Tresor Couture 2. Cleo Couture 3. Augusta Creations 4. Pink Pearl Designs 

5. Designs By Danielle 6. Always Eclectic Fine Jewelry 

7. Marianela's Art In Fashion  8. Sascha's Designs 9. Belladonna Couture 

10. Diana Debevec's High Society Shoes 11. Chop Zuey 12. Elai Star 

13. Southern Style Modeling Agency 14. The Romano Collection Men's Clothing 

Also Included Our Boutiques 

1. Lingerie Boutique 

2. Pangea Rentals 

This is the list of our designers ! 

Location :

Today's Spotlight 

Tresor Couture, Augusta Creations & Cleo Culture

Tresor Couture

1. Tresor Couture Swim Wear Nora Monokini
2. Tresor Couture Casual  Jane
3. Tresor Couture Formal Mocha Ballgown

Augusta Creations 

1. Augusta Creations Formal Coral 
2. Augusta Creations Lady Hawk 
3. Augusta Creations Pretty Woman Black / White
4. Augusta Creations Shelly Turquoise

Cleo Couture 

1. Cleo Couture Swimwear  1955 Glamour Swim / Gown 
2. Cleo Couture Casual Vintage Florida Postcard Dress
3. Cleo Couture Formal City Nights Gown


New Gift for our ladies at the Grand Ballroom!

There is a new gift for the members of the ballroom! Hurry over ladies! Just in time for the weekend!